For children it is a joy, and for parents - extra care.
Concerned about how to keep your children busy for months of vacation and provide them with an interesting and useful pastime. Definitely, going to a village or to an outing camp are excellent options.
But we at ROBBO CLUB know another great opportunity for children whose parents are busy with work and are looking for quality childcare and useful activities for the summer holidays - the summer city camp from ROBBO.
How is the day organized in the summer city camp in ROBBO CLUB (note: the schedule may differ depending on the club you choose):

The day in the Summer ROBBO CLUB starts at 8:30 AM in the morning, when children gather in the club hall together with the counselors and mentors. There they conduct team-building practice and then go to a bright equipped classroom, where robotics and programming classes are held. For 1.5 hours, children create games and programm applications, also program a wheeled robot and work out elements on the ROBBO “racing” track, as well as create 3D models. After the lesson, children do a short warm-up and have a tea party, where they discuss plans for the day and their ROBBO projects. This is followed by another 1.5 hours of robotics classes with a mentor.
After that, the part-time attendance program at the club ends and parents can pick up their children.
But if the parents are still working, then the child can stay at the club until the evening on the full-day attendance program.

Then group with the counselors go to lunch. Parents can choose meals for their children in advance. Next is a walk in the fresh air, the counselors try to come up with excellent and varied routes for children, for example, in parks, in a botanical garden, in a square or a green area in the yard. If the weather does not allow walking, then the counselors return with the children to the club, where they watch cognitive programs or films, children's movies, play board games. Animators come to visit ROBBO CLUB with creative tasks and workshops, in general, children just have fun. After an afternoon snack, the children play again or go for a walk, and after 6 PM going home with parents.
Depending on where the summer ROBBO CLUB is located, children will be able to visit the zoo, botanical garden, children's entertainment center, play popular board and outdoor games. They will also be able to take part in creative workshops, practice learning English, and communicate with peers under the supervision of experienced mentors and counselors.

The duration of the summer program at ROBBO CLUB is from one to three weeks (working days ON, weekends OFF).

However, you can bring your child for one trial day to make sure they like it.
The curriculum is busy, children are creating projects on a computer or from real materials, programming robots, studying modeling of three-dimensional objects and printing on 3D printers.

However, the most important thing is that children communicate with each other in a friendly and positive atmosphere, learn new things, make new friends and spend quality free time without being tied to a phone or tablet.

They live a real, informative and interesting summer life together

with the ROBBO CLUB team.

We invite your child to the summer ROBBO CLUB for the holidays

  • Choose a ROBBO CLUB location, siutable for you on our website
  • Sign up for a trial day
  • Book a part-time or full-day attendance in the summer city camp

We look forward to seeing you and your children in ROBBO CLUB summer camp!

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