Give your child an exciting hobby, loyal friends and prospects for a successful future
Why is it interesting to study in ROBBO Club?
"ROBBO Club" is a school of robotics and free programming, where children focus on the world of robotics and go all the way from creating a robot image on the screen to programming and turning their own robots into reality using 3D modeling and 3D printing. Programming is taught in the Scratch language adapted to children's perception, and ScratchDuino robotic kits, microelectronics kits, as well as 3D printers are used as equipment.
ROBBO Club courses facilitate the study of school subjects, training attention, perseverance and increasing the desire to achieve the wildest dreams
  • Mental Development
    Accelerates the development of logic, memory and creativity
  • Attention Development
    Develops attention, spatial intelligence and imagination
  • Technical skills
    Learning robotics helps increase enthusiasm for school subject
  • Teamwork
    Develop both teamwork skills and independent work
  • New interests
    Opportunity to make new friends through common interests
  • Prospects for the future
    Allows your child to set and achieve goals, making his dreams come true
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Give your child an exciting journey into the world of technology and robotics
Why do children and parents choose ROBBO Club
A lesson in ROBBO Club is an additional education for your child, which allows you to successfully master complex disciplines, such as programming, design, and the basics of robotics, in a playful way.
  • Programming
    We teach children in the Scratch language environment, which allows them to quickly and easily begin to comprehend the basics of algorithmics and logic of creative programming. While studying at the Roboclub, children also study the Scratch Junior, Ardublock, Arduino IDE, Processing and AppInventor language environments. Having received fundamental knowledge about coding, the child will easily learn "adult" programming languages.

  • 3-D Modeling
    At the ROBBO Club classes, students will gain knowledge about 3D printing technology, will be able to model their first prototype, and then print it on a 3D printer.

  • Robotics
    In the Robbo club, children do not play with robots but learn how the robots work, become familiar with circuit technology and are able to assemble almost any electrical device themselves from the start.

Innovative teaching methods
Our software and hardware is completely open and understandable (unlike other educational platforms). Any part of the robot can be assembled and reprogrammed by the child independently. With this, children can become future engineers. Classes are a structured theoretical and practical program, equally interesting for both boys and girls.
The atmosphere of open creativity
There is always a nice atmosphere in our lessons, relaxed communication on equal terms between students and experienced teachers who know how to captivate and interest each course participant. Children invent, create and implement their own inventions in teamwork.
ROBBO Club is one of the most popular robotics clubs for schoolchildren
The programs are designed for children aged 5 to 15 years
One lesson lasts 1,5-2 hours
Give your child an exciting journey into the world of technology and robotics
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