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Programming + Circuit Engineering + 3D Modeling
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Support from Aalto University (Finland)
We work in 26 countries worldwide
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Training programs
ROBBO Classes and Clubs work in 26 countries around the world, start training remotely.
After completing the online program, your child will be able to continue their studies at the ROBBO Club.
Scratch programming
    In classes from scratch, your child will:
    • master the Scratch visual programming environment;
    • become acquainted with the concepts of a variable, a loop and a conditional operator;
    • level up their algorithmic thinking;
    • learn concepts from mathematics like negative numbers, coordinate systems and degrees.
    In addition to learning programming theory, your child will create their own unique game, which will be ready by the end of the educational unit
      Circuit Engineering
      In classes your child will:
      • get to know the basic components of an electrical circuit;
      • learn to distinguish a resistor from an LED;
      • understand what Ohm's law is;
      • get to know the Arduino board and the sensors.
      be able to independently assemble and program, for example, an automatic lighting circuit.
      And yes, it's all online!
      There's no need for equipment. Lessons are taught on a simulator.
      3D modeling
        In classes your child will:
        • get to know the world of 3D modeling;
        • understand what a model, sketch, drawing is;
        • learn to create complex models from primitives;
        • create several practical objects – a key chain, a catapult, a puzzle.
        Kids aged 8–11 years dive into the world of 3D with the help of TinkerCad, while older students upgrade their skills with the "adult" engineering software FreeCad.
          In classes your child will
          • Learn the basics of programming in their favorite game
          • Fire up their interest in programming and get skills to easily switch to more complex programming languages
          • Create scripts to control a special game agent to perform actions in the Minecraft environment
          • Work with group projects and their own unique projects in Minecraft
          • Level up communication and team-working skill
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          Send your child on an exciting journey into the world
          of technology and robotics
          Online classes are taught by
          Staff teachers from robotics clubs with at least 2 years
          of online and offline teaching experience.
          They have practical experience of developing and testing robotic devices. Lessons are taught in English.
          Boris Kulida
          Studied at Scattergood Friends School and LeesMcRae College, United States.
          Boris has extensive experience as an engineer and mentor to engineers.
          In 2017, he became a partner of ROBBO and opened a school of robotics and programming.
          Boris is a teacher and manager at his school.
          Andrei Luchin
          Studied English at the University of Helsinki and pedagogics at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.
          Andrei enjoys assembling, troubleshooting and operating computers many other ways as a hobby.
          As a tutor of ROBBO Club, Andrey is ready and willing to help children to get into the world of tech and develop their creativity using modern devices.

          What is ROBBO CLUB?
          Journey into the world of technology
          ROBBO CLUB is a school of robotics and free programming, where children immerse themselves in the world of robotics and go all the way from creating an image of a robot on a screen to programming and making their robots into reality with their own hands using 3D modeling and 3D printing.
          Modern teaching methods
          Programming is taught in Scratch language adapted for children's understanding, and the equipment used include ScratchDuino robotic kits, microelectronics sets, and 3D printers.
          Basic knowledge of physics
          The course takes place over a month and a half. In 6 classes your child will become acquainted with the basic components of an electric circuit, learn to distinguish a resistor from a light-emitting diode and have a good understanding of what Ohm's law is.
          They will also get to grips with the Arduino board, sensors and will be able to assemble and program, for example, an automatic lighting circuit. And yes, it's all online! No equipment is needed. Everything will take place in a special simulation.
          What are the benefits of online learning?
          High levels of child engagement
          The mini-group format brings children together better than offline. In a virtual class, the kids see each other on the same screen. Everyone can show the results of their work to the rest of the class.
          Greater responsibility
          Prepare for the lesson in advance, start on time, follow the rules of conduct - the online lesson cultivates more independence in your child. Most children learn without the involvement of their parents and involve them only when technical assistance is needed.
          High concentration
          When you study at home, the temptation to relax and to be distracted by having a cup of tea or playing with the cat is very strong. Online classes strengthen willpower and encourage a high degree of awareness.
          Minimal unnecessary stress
          A shy, quiet child can have a hard time learning in a big group of kids in a club, but find learning online much more agreeable.
          The lesson is carried out in real time. The teacher and children have microphones on, so you can't chow down on an apple or chips. Children learn not to make noise on the air, to answer one by one, and to be patient with their classmates.
          You can study from anywhere in the world
          Even if your child goes away somewhere, classes will not be interrupted if you wish to continue with them. You only need and internet connection and a computer. The continuity of learning affects the results!
          The transition to offline
          Once the quarantine period has ended, the children will continue their training in group lessons using 3D printers, ROBBO robots and other equipment.
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