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1. Scratch Programming
2. Circuitry
3. 3D modeling-01
4. 3D-Modeling-02
5. Gaming Development
6. App Inventor
7. Unity AR
SLOT 1. Age 7-11
Admission Fee: 1,000/- BDT
Basic Course Fee: 3,000/- BDT
Intermediate Course Fee : 3,000/- BDT
Advanced Course Fee: 4,000/- BDT

SLOT 2. Age 12-18

Admission Fee: 1,500/- BDT
Basic Course Fee: 3,600/- BDT
Intermediate Course Fee : 3,600/- BDT
Advanced Course Fee: 4,500/- BDT
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Give your child an exciting journey into the world of technology and robotics
Online classes are taught by
Staff teachers from robotics clubs with at least 2 years of online and offline teaching experience.
They have practical experience of developing and testing robotic devices. Lessons are taught in English.
Jubaida Akter Saima
Work Experience: Teaching academic students since 2015-present.
Hobbies: Reading, Programming, Travelling.
Few words about myself: I have completed B.Sc. in Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering from Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University. I am a competitive programmer and I have participated in several online programming contests and solved online problems in different judges like UVa, Codeforces, LightOJ. I have achieved 30th position as a team in the ''National Girls Programming Contest-2017''. I believe that technology will bring a new era to the new generation, and so I am very passionate about robotics.
What is the ROBBO CLUB?
Journey into the world of technology
ROBBO CLUB is a free robotics and programming school, where children immerse themselves in the world of robotics and go from creating a robotic image on the screen to programming and making their own robots with their own hands with 3D modeling and 3D printing.
Modern teaching methods
Programming is taught in scratch language adapted to children's perception, and scratchDuino robotic kits, microelectronics kits and 3D printers are used as equipment.
Basic knowledge of physics
The course is designed for one and a half months. In 6 lessons, the child will get acquainted with the main components of the electrical circuit, will learn to distinguish the resistor from the LED, and also at the qualitative level will understand what the law of Om is.
In addition, he will know the Arduino board, the sensors and will be able to independently assemble and program, for example, the automatic lighting scheme. Yes, and it's all online! You don't need any equipment. Everything will happen in a special simulation.
What are the benefits of learning online?
High involvement of children
The mini-group format brings children together better than offline. In a virtual classroom, the kids see themselves on the same screen. Everyone can show everyone the result of their work.
Minimal extra stress
It can be difficult for a shy and quiet child to learn in a large group of children. Therefore, it is easier to agree to study online.
High responsibility
Prepare for the lesson in advance, start in time, observe the rules of behavior, the online lesson develops the child's great independence.
Most children learn without parental involvement, only attracting them when technical assistance is needed.
The lesson takes place in real time. The teacher and the children have microphones. It will not be possible to bite into the apple or the chips. Kids learn not to make noise when they are online, to respond in turn, to be patient with their peers.
High concentration
When you study at home, there is a great temptation to relax, to get distracted to "have a tea" or "pet the cat". Online classes form willpower and a high degree of awareness.
You can practice from anywhere in the world
Even if the child leaves, if you wish, you can not interrupt the lesson. The main thing is to have the Internet and the computer. Continuity of learning affects the outcome!
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